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About Us

Aborn Electronics started in 1978 as a pioneer in the field of low cost commercial components. One of the first high speed fiber optic receivers and transmitters for data communications was designed and developed By Aborn Electronics.


Utilizing today's technology, implementing it in yesterday's ideas to create products and solutions for tommorrow.


To provide excellent customer service, highest quality product at a great price in a win-win situation.


  • Various transmitters and receivers for DUPONT F/O cable. Customers : DEC, VYDEC, IBM , XEROX.
  • Expanded into the military and defense markets. SDC
  • Low key operation until 1983.
  • In 1983,Aborn moved to a Santa clara R & D Park. Added chip design and development capabilities.
  • Received F/O link design and development contract from Molex. Appication:Computer - Monitor Interface.


1983 ONWARD:
  • Developed two chips for X-RAY baggage scanners [UK]
  • Designed LED chip array for head mounted display.
  • Design chip and package for laser guides tracking system.
  • Worked with Abbott Labs on invasion blood oxygen Sensor Probe.
  • Improved existing Dialysis Flow Sensor for Baxter. Set up low volume manufacturing in-house.
  • Achieved and maintained A+Vendor rating with Baxter [Tampa, FL operations]
  • Designed , developed and successfully transferred process technology for opto coupler chips to TTI and ISOCOM [UK]
  • Moved to present San jose facility on 1986.
  • Worked with POLAROID on 2400 DPI print head for color photographs.
  • Designed LED array chip for [laser] printers.
  • Set up manufacturing for optical mouse sensor in Philippines.


We started Aborn Electronics Korea [AEK] in 1983 to manufacture opto electronics components for local markets. Products included : GYOR LED,displays, phototransistors, photodiodes and opto-couplers. Custom displays. We had 1-2 million units per month production . We received major contract from SAMSUNG for washing machine displays. Received award for outstanding vendor.


ABORN Capabilities :
  • Optoelectronics chip design and test.
  • Design and Development of custom and Opto-related products and Sub systems.
  • In house low volume production capabilities.
  • Chip-on-board and multi chip module design and prototype assembly.
  • Access to off shore high volume, low labor cost assembly vendors.

We specialize in setting up customers with new product lines. Starting from-end services such as chip design , wafer fab processes , and wafer evaluation; to package design , assembly processes, assembly tooling, product characterization and relaibility evaluation.

Our low volume production and prototypes are assembled and tested in U.S. It enables us to develop and refine the product and its related manufacturing processes to provide quick turn around for our customers.

We are a highly skilled team with years of engineering and design experience. Our goal is to always surpass your expectations!

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2108 Bering Dr.
San Jose, CA 95131

ph: 408-436-5445
fax: 408-436-0969